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Allocated psychological, endocrine, vascular, neurological and organic disorders erectile function. In more than half of the cases, the erection disappears due to increased blood outflow from the penis.

I should not - this phrase is uttered with despair in his eyes and voice breaking certain men. There are many causes for disorders of erectile function, and very often developed irregularities in this area actually can be a symptom of other, sometimes more serious diseases. The main reasons that affect erectile dysfunction are divided into five groups. Buy viagra so, the cause of erectile dysfunction, simply called as I have no disorders can be psychological, including depression, drug abuse, alcohol addiction and psychopathological changes, which include the so-called "fear of impotence", the poor Arsenal of sexual techniques and other abnormalities.

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In addition to psychological have a negative impact on erectile function of the body and endocrine disorders, including hypogonadism, i.e. underdevelopment sexual glands, diabetes, different forms and types of obesity, prolactinoma (or brain tumor), and sarcoidosis (a form of joint inflammation where the lungs are involved, the skin, eyes and various internal organs) by penetration into the region of the hypothalamus (part of brain regulating the internal organs functioning). Viagra cardiovascular disorders may also not allow a man to become a good lover. These include atherosclerosis arterial system of the penis, developed on the background of diabetes mellitus, excessive consumption of cigarettes, higher content of cholesterol in the blood, hypertension.

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After fracture of the pelvic bones sometimes occur occlusion (or blockage) of the arteries, passing in the pelvic area. The increase in the outflow of blood from the penis indicates disorders of the venous system. The combination of different types of vascular lesions of the penis also will not cause good erection. Especially a adverse disease, there will be stroke (or cerebrovascular accident). Sometimes there are changes of organic character associated online viagra with injuries and disabilities of the penis, for example, curvature of the penis due to Peyronie's disease, as well as injuries and myocardial inflammation. Among the neurological diseases that reduce the erection, should indicate multiple sclerosis, spinal cord disease and Parkinson's disease (parkinsonism).

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Only every fifth case of erectile dysfunction is associated with psychological causes, mainly (more than 60% of all disorders) due to blood outflow. However, in any case, the phrase "I'm not worth it" is something with which we should begin treatment.To the gynecologist-endocrinologist and long treatment.
With frigidity to live, but sooner or later will start depression and suicide attempts.
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